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I have a wonderful friend Suzanne who I turn to for clarity and support whenever I'm confused, troubled or have hit a rough patch. She gives me sound, objective and practical feed back coupled with her incredible intuitive insights and, at times, a healthy dose of tough love. It's sort of like a receiving a warm grandmother's hug combined with a good dutch uncle talk. I think that's one of the hallmarks of an excellent intuitve adviser. I can't promise our readings will always be what you expect to hear, but I do promise to lovingly and gently deliver the truth, as I am given it.


Intuitive Readings are, I believe, an art form when done well. They can capture the essence of the question and provide a rich and detailed snapshot of factors that are influencing the current situation. Insightful readings can also offer a means by which the one asking can look within to make choices in line with their Soul, Spirit and Life's Purpose. I call upon God, my Teachers and the Archangels to assist me in this process.  If you find this type of work calls to you, please feel free to contact me to set up an appointment.


For telephone readings on finding your Life's Purpose, matters of the heart, personal growth or for more information contact:


A Spark of Life Transformations

Melody Harris
            (850) 543-5307      

Certified in SOUL COACHING®
by Denise Linn, May 2010

In 2010, Melody was certified by Denise Linn, renowned author and teacher at her beautiful Summerhill Ranch on Paso Robles, CA.

ANGEL THERAPY PRACTITIONER®, certified by Doreen Virtue, PhD
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Other Services Available:
Cord Cutting ~ Aura Readings ~ Angel Readings ~ Soul Journeying ~ Past Life Regressions

30 minutes: $45.00  ~  60 minutes: $80.00


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