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Order Signed copies of Soul of the seasons: Creating Balance, Resilience, & Connection by Tapping the Wisdom of the Natural World

Soul of the Seasons is a guide for those seeking deeper connections and more meaningful life. Thought-provoking questions and exercises guide the reader toward gentle self-awareness with practical ways to adjust to old patterns and habits. These shifts help us to face life’s passages with grace, resilience, and authenticity. Melody A Scout Weaving her deeply personal stories with Five Element wisdom, Melody A Scout teaches us that by developing intimate relationships with our core emotions—the unique vibrations that connect us to both our bodies and the Earth—we can effectively adapt and respond to life’s challenges. By developing a more intimate relationship with our emotions and the seasons of life, we can learn to effectively: identify and correct our imbalances; develop greater compassion, integrity, and honesty; and authentically and appropriately express our feelings.